Moa Musem | The Museum
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The Museum

The Museum of Operation Avalanche is located in a 15th century monastery (SS Trinita) perched on a hilltop with beautiful views of the historic city centre and the surroundingcountryside. The building itself is one of great significance, a historical structure of Renaissance architecture.

The museum opened on September 9, 2012 and is composed of a multi-media space,three dimensional displays and a varied collection of images, music, videos and artifacts related to the events of Operation Avalanche.

There are also military weapons, uniforms, relics of the Italian, British, American and German troops, with a room devoted to each. Many of the objects displayed were recovered from various excavations undertaken from the battlefields in the surrounding area. The museum has many other objects that evoke the culture and feelings of that time, including war diaries, official documents and private writings from a community that was catapulted to the center one of the bloodiest conflicts in Italy.