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“The siren of the castle is screaming the siren

of the public garden is quieter, it almost groans.

Between these two yells an engine is roaring in the air.
I see through windows scared birds flying lower
the chorus of cicadas falls silent. Pain rekindles

stronger in hearts and prayers become louder.”
VV.AA “Eboli 1943-44. Diary of a woman”

“Engines suddenly roam in the air and the siren screams.
It is eleven thirty Aircrafts are flying. How many?

Sometimes they are flying so low that it seems

they are touching roofs. Now I can hear distant explosions,
now nearer, so strong that doors and windows tremble.”
VV.AA “Eboli 1943-44. Diary of a woman”

The air is filled suddenly of warplanes, which buzz and approach.

 The American warplanes have a characteristic breath,

an intermittent panting. They are swooping. Dropping bombs

near and far bursting with hollow sound and dull noises.

 In that confusion the howl of the siren is sounded.
VV.AA. “Eboli 1943-44. Diary of a woman”

” People are coming from Eboli, people are coming down

and confirming the news. The city has been hard-won,

but the British and the Americans are distributing perfumed

cigarettes, candies, marmalades, people will

forget or perhaps have already forgotten. That’s life.”
VV.AA. “Eboli 1943-44. Diary of a woman”

“If we thought we were going to sneak ashore

we were nuts. They were waiting for us”

( J. Steinbeck )

“It didn’t seem like men getting killed,

more like a picture,

like a moving picture”

John Steinbeck “Once There Was a War”

“We flew over Salerno,

and could see the masts of sunken

ships sticking out of the water.”

Robert Capa “Slightly out of focus”

“The charred, half-submerged hulls of ships and barges,

the flags waving over the white crosses of the first American cemetery

on the European mainland — all this told us what Salerno had been.”
Robert Capa “Slightly out of focus”

“Their charges lie huddled on the ground

and before they are laid in the sand,

the second of the two dog tags is detached

so that you know that that man

with that Army serial number

is dead and out of it.”
John Steinbeck “Once There Was a War”